Nobody is evil because of their beliefs, unless a person actually commits evil acts.  There are simply different beliefs and, a form of belief, values. 

Opposition doesn't work, but passing on good information that can be helpful will at least have a chance of getting a good result. 

Healthy, rational, fact-based discussion is the key way to arrive at a higher level of understanding and possibly actually a compromise that works.

I would request that of both parties and of each representative.


The Democrats call the Republicans heartless, yet the Republicans are the biggest givers and the greater churchgoers - so the accusation is highly unlikely to be valid.  BUT the Republicans present themselves as being practical, and often in doing so they fail to state that they also want to really help people.   So they lose the battle for "the hearts and minds of the people" - at least the first part.  

George Bush said he was a "Compassionate Conservative".  Many of his actual actions and initiatives said he was, but he failed to communicate it. But he did initiate and get passed the legislation that saved over a million people's lives (AIDS in Africa).  Huckabee is great at communicating his compassion and caring, though I don't think he is adequate to be President.  Romney has failed to communicate warmth and caring, though he would be the most qualified President ever, in terms of management ability and effectiveness - but few will see that or fully appreciate it.  (Look at his incredible accomplishments.  But, alas, unless he gets a great coach and establishes a clear plan that will appeal more broadly, we will never see him as President.)

The Republicans accuse the Democrats of being happy to create more government and of being lax with preventing dependence on the government in terms of "entitlements" and people being irresponsible with regard to their lives.  But, I think, the Democrats make no more screwy statements than do the Republicans.  Both seem to be inadequately educated or briefed in certain critical areas.  (See Educating Legislative Reps.)

The "'tweens" are the moderate Republicans and the moderate Democrats.

The moderate Democrats, the Blue Dogs, have an agenda which protects the interests of the vulnerable while also respecting traditional cultural values and keeping taxes low, not doing the proverbial "giveaways" that the Democrats are accused of.

Likewise, the moderate Republicans will sometimes cross over the "lines", perhaps into being "pro-choice", while still attempting to stick to "fiscal prudence". 

I've observed that regardless of party the great majority of these people are sincere and want to "do good".  AND I would assess that many of them are concerned more with getting reelected than with making the best decisions for the people.