Use the criteria for a leader to evaluate any sitting President. 

I cannot evaluate without sufficient input and comprehensive knowledge of all that goes on. 

Every President will have areas of excellence.  However, they must be evaluated based on what is actually most important to create a contribution to the country.

Some of the criteria (go to the separate listing elsewhere on this site also)

  Cooperation and compromise - Instead he causes atmosphere of opposition
  Adult - not labeling, complaining, excuse making, nor evilizing 

Drawing together good advisors
Knowledge of how things work, how to govern
Sticking to reasoning versus letting prejudices/agenda override
Uniter (of all sides) - Look at actual results (drawn the other side closer or alienated further); any evilizing, etc.;  talking with the other side
Objectivity above ideology
Facts - Being factual

General capability and intelligence if there is knowledge to apply 
Likability and good societal values
  Ability to inspire and to speak well

Write what you think, in a rational, fact-based, constructive manner.