A "google" search on any one topic yields lots of lower or partial information, but not enough depth to understand the situation.

So I list the sources below, so that I, for one, can just link directly to them to find my information, instead of sorting through all the search results to find something of value.  The ones I go to first are bolded.  Of course, for greater detail, I go to the statistics or specialty sites on any one area.

Deeper detail: - Generally corrected to facts.

News, fair, good detail: - Good and balanced.


Real Clear Politics - Independent, non-partisan
The Hill - Good variety of opinions and info, from both sides, maybe a left bias - Well-focused
Huffington Post - Varied, alot left, but good source. Blog.
Center For Public Integrity - Nonpartisan
National Center For Policy Analysis - Nonpartisan, think tank - "We try to provide reasoned, critical, non-partisan analysis of both sides of the issue. We try to not let personal feelings or passions enter into the analysis, and we don't limit our thinking by political correctness."  Well organized to find relevant subject easier.
American Thinker - Practical, ethical, experts
Heritage Foundation - Conservative viewpoint, but lots of integrity and depth of information, good reasoning
Outside the Beltway - "Classical liberal" (free trade, limited government, and respect for human rights) - Apparently more libertarian/conservative viewpoints and excellent content and facts. .
No Labels - Group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents dedicated to a simple proposition: We want our government to work again. 
New America Foundation - Nonpartisan, invests in new thinkers and new ideas to address the next generation of challenges facing the United States.  Economic, education, social issues, health, etc. - "The national media watch group"  "Accuracy in reporting,  correcting and/or balancing the press by adding in both sides.  Listen to the weekly show on CounterSpin."
Independent Institute - Non-partisan, scholarly research and educational organization that sponsors in-depth studies of critical social and economic issues. "Through uncommon independence, depth, and clarity, the Independent Institute expands the frontiers of our knowledge of public policy and fosters new and effective directions for government reform."

WORLD ORIENTATION - Solutions for issues world wide
Macleans,ca - Lots of more in-depth news, nonpartisan

Statistically based, no "commentary":

US Dept. Of Commerce, Bureau Of Economic Analysis - Pick up good stats.
Federal State Economics, Spending, Revenues - Linking of statistical data sites to get statistics and dollar information clearly, even to download

Narrower statistics

Detailed on legislation - Tracking bills and politicians

ECONOMICS (Including government)

Economist's View - Excellent, written by professor


Kauffman Foundation - Education and encouraging entrepreneurship and growth


Oil & Gas Journal ( - Excellent source of info
US Energy Information Administration (EIA) - Lots of good info.



Who Romney Is - WhoRomneyIs.Com, so you can get to know at a glance, through videos, and/or, if you choose, deeper looks, including a comparison with other candidates, including Obama.
Why Romney - A detailed addressing of each of the issues in order to "set the record straight"
MittRomneyCentral - Videos, Op-ed collection, speeches, on the issues, about Mitt.